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This is quite interesting. They look like something Microsoft would have made. For Vision I would say this would be just for utility pu...

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Elise Reference

Abilities :

She can move objects at will.

She can see into the future.

Can talk with deities, mainly Abraxas and Yaldaboath.

*Vision Projection*
Able to use vision from other beings.
When Cherubi and Plovee went to the entrance of the tower, not to their surprise, it was locked. It was already quite late at night when they overheard chatter on the first floor. There was no windows so they couldn't see who. They needed a place to stay the night so they wandered around looking for a tavern or inn. In the distance they saw a light but before they went there, Plovee saw something shiny. It was a long knife, made of silver. Plovee pulled it up thinking, Well, this will be useful. They continued treading towards the light but before they arrived a large wolf pulled up. The wolf charged at Plovee. Cherubi being extremely intelligent, grabbed a large stick and struck it through the area where the heart would be. The wolf obviously had died and his fresh meat was for the taking so Plovee chopped off chunks of his flesh for eating. "Well well well, what do we have here?",said Plovee in delight. Cherubi didn't need to eat anything because she drew energy from the enviroment around her. They continued walking forward. Eventually they arrived at the light. It was a tavern to their delight. Plovee and Cherubi arrived in. Plovee came in desperately. "Uh, I'm tired, I'm in desperate need for food and shelter." Cherubi pulled two small pouches labeled "PAPRIKA" and "SALT" and laid them down on the table. The bartender said, "Um, we treat new customers for free." "Well then," said Plovee. "Would you mind cooking this meat? It ain't gonna cook itself." The bartender yelled, "Mary! Won't you come down?" After a few minutes the wolf meat was prepared. Plovee devoured it while Cherubi stared intently at the oven in hopes of getting energy. Plovee drank some beer too and was nourished for the rest of the night. His mouth watered at seeing the bacon rashers cooking on the flames. "We have some spare rooms upstairs, you can get in one for free." Finally, Plovee had a shelter. Plovee, shortly after, overheard names like "Nephra", "Marion", and "Talila". Naturally, he was curious and asked a group of people talking to each other. "Whatcha talking about?",said Plovee. One of them said, "Well, we're talkin' 'bout Nephra. She's the queen of this forest alright." "Tell me more," Plovee said. The other person said, "Well rumor has it that she is evil and nobody ever dares speak her name to the public, at least here." "Woah, she sounds serious," said Plovee. "She's serious alright." Plovee felt a weight on his back. He was tired and had to go to sleep. He arrived at his room with one thing on his mind, Nephra. Cherubi on the other hand didn't need sleep. "You ain't gonna sleep?" said the dish cleaners. Cherubi shook her head. "Well, stay here, I'm fine with that."
It was now morning, the morning star shined brighter. Plovee woke up with a smile. Delighted, Plovee washed up and headed downstairs for breakfast. Of course Cherubi didn't sleep. After a long breakfast they both headed out towards the forest. "Beautiful," said Plovee.

The forest was vast and unending, and it was strange too. Filled with eldritch creatures of all sorts. And many deities too. It constantly felt like Plovee was being watched. They continued their tread. Then Plovee realized, Hey, what about that tower? Cherubi reluctantly agreed to join Plovee in going to the tower. Of course the tower was locked in. What were they expecting? Obviously since the tower was locked they had to go the other way. The stride was uneventful, nothing much, just critters and other strange people. Cherubi pulled out a heap of black oozing flesh. Plovee said, "What is that?" Of course Cherubi upon hearing it put it back into her purse. After a while they arrived at a house. The door was locked and had a plate on it reading "Abraxas". What a weird name, Plovee thought. After knocking the door the muffled voice inside the house said quite rudely, "Go away!". Plovee minded his matters and went on with his tread with Cherubi. It was getting quite late. Plovee was parched but Cherubi kept on continuing. Plovee then went to rest on a riverside. Plovee reluctantly grabbed a sip of water. The water was surprisingly clear and pure. They took a rest at a nearby cottage. Before they knew it Plovee was munching at cheese, bread, and much more pleasant foods while Cherubi sat at the fireplace. Plovee heard a noise, not very loud but not quiet certainly. He went outside and there, he saw a person. The person was very very scared.
Beetle Reference

Abilities :

Able to deflect attacks using magic.

Really good reflexes.

*Blood Pattern*
Able to recognize soft spots within one's body and slice those places with a knife,


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Hello there. I am Spirit from Boxscape Studios.
Art by :iconisochi:


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